Arkansas Canoe Club



Check-in begins about 1:00 PM and ends at 7:00 PM.  Check in will be at the main gate at the Round the Bend site.  


New this year will be some free, optional, mini-clinics on Friday.  So far we have the following

T-Rescue Kayak - 2:00 PM

Kayakers, learn how to rescue and be rescued when you capsize.  Bring your boat and gear and Join ACA Instructor, Helen Harvey down at the creek as she shares how to remain calm underwater, and teaches the proper technique to rescue and be rescued without wet-exiting.  These body mechanics are also fundamental to the kayak roll.  It is most helpful if you bring either a dive mask or swim goggles + nose plugs.  Note that you will be in close proximity and "paired up" with other students.  To reserve your spot in this clinic email Helen at

CPR - 3:00 PM

Tom Burroughs will lead an Adult CPR certification class with an emphasis on CPR for drowning victims.  Class is free to dues paying ACC members and class size is limited.  Contact Tom to get signed up for this valuable course.

Paddles 101 - 3:00 PM

Come spend 45 minutes with Team Iowa for Paddles 101. We'll talk about paddle materials, design,  cost and we will answer the controversial question of "what's the best blade offset". Bring your paddle (kayak or canoe) and questions for a fun, interactive discussion.

Throw Ropes 101 - 4:00 PM

Come spend 45 minutes with Team Iowa and SWR instructor Glenn Harman learning about your  throw rope materials and throwing techniques.  Bring your throw rope and questions as we'll have some hands-on fun.

Kayak Outfitting 4:00 PM

ACA Instructor Byron Eubanks will go over best practices for kayak outfitting.  

5:00 - 8:00 PM The North Texas River Runner Chapter will be cooking up "Texas sized" hotdogs and chips for a grab and go dinner.  Follow your nose to the pavilion area.  This optional dinner is $7.00.  Proceeds go to the chapter.

The school officially begins at 7:00 PM Friday at the Round the Bend pavilion with a meeting of the whole school. Afterward, students will break into classes and meet with instructors and fellow participants. 


The Central Chapter will be cooking an optional group breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, Coffee and OJ.  Cost is $7.00.  Proceeds go to the chapter.

Students will have instruction on both land and on the water during the day. Instructors will set the meeting time and place for Saturday morning.  

Cate Handley will lead a Mulberry River raft flotilla for anyone with a raft who is not participating in an organized class.  This event will start with a discussion about raft frames and set up at about 10:00 AM near the pavilion then the group will head to the river.  Plan to return about 4:00 PM.

Saturday evening, the Northwest Chapter will hold it's traditional catfish fry fundraiser. Cost $15.00. We will be entertained by the Little Buffalo River Band.  Afterward, we'll have our General ACC Meeting.  All dues paying ACC members are asked to attend and vote at this meeting.  We will be electing and/or re-electing officers among other business.  Later Saturday evening, we will have an epic "bonfire" near the pavilion.  You won't want to miss this.


The River Valley Chapter will get us fueled for another big day with a pancake breakfast.  Cost $7.00.  Proceeds to to the chapter.

Students will then have on water instruction until mid to late afternoon.  The school will be over when the last class arrives back at camp.  That is usually around 4 or 5 PM.  Early departures are highly discouraged and for logistical and safety reasons, may require you to skip on water activities on Sunday.


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