Arkansas Canoe Club


The ACC has reserved the entire Turner Bend "Round the Bend" Campground for the weekend.  All participants,  volunteers as well as those just there for the fellowship must check in at the event entrance and have a signed waiver on file.

There is a lot more space to spread out at the Round the Bend site.  However, we discourage the use of RV's and campers and we ask that anyone bringing an RV or camper pick a spot well away from designated tent camping areas.  There are no RV utility hookups.

The facilities at the Round the Bend site will include porta-potties for men and women but no showers.  You are encouraged to bring your own personal solar shower if you like.    Fresh, potable water is located next to the pavilion.  Campfires must be in designated fire pits.

Campground Quiet Hours are from 11:00 PM til 6:30 AM.  Paddlers (and Instructors) need their rest to be able to enjoy the classes.  Please respect these quiet hours.  If this is not acceptable, you can always camp elsewhere in the area. 

Each year we get complaints about dogs at Whitewater School.  While not banned, we ask that you seriously consider leaving Fido at home.  If you must bring your dog, he or she must remain leashed, or otherwise contained.  Also, no one wants to camp in and around dog poo, so "walk" your dog well away from camp and pick up after your pooch.  Those who ignore these rules will be asked to leave camp.  Also, campers with dogs that bark excessively, or are aggressive will need to find other accommodations.  

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