Arkansas Canoe Club

Refund Policy

  • Registration may not be transferred to another person. No substitutes are allowed.

  • Limited, partial refunds of the course fee may be allowed within certain time limits.

  • If you withdraw from the Whitewater School one month prior (on or before March 29th), we will refund 75 percent of the course fee only. 

  • If you withdraw from the Whitewater School one week prior (on or before April 22nd), we will refund 25 percent of the course fee.

  • If you do not notify the School Director via email within these time limits of your wish to withdraw, you will not receive a refund. Denial of a special request is not cause for a refund.

Weather/Water Level Policy

In the event of high or very low river levels and unfavorable water conditions for down-river activities, or other unforeseen events beyond the Arkansas Canoe Club’s control, the school will still be held. Classes will continue and may include both land and flatwater based instruction and will be determined by the School Director.

Since the school will be held rain or shine, be sure to come prepared for a variety of weather temperatures and conditions!  It could be summer time warm or winter time cool.

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