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Ready to Register for the School of River Paddling?

Online registration includes questions about your age, physical fitness, swimming ability, river experience and other factors that help assemble more compatible class groupings. Candid answers help you, your classmates, and your Instructor to have a better experience and more fun.

What if I am registering multiple members of my family?

You can register all the members of your household at one time (as long as they are members of your immediate household that are covered by your Arkansas Canoe Club Household Membership). After you register the first person for the School, you will see a button to add additional members. Just keep clicking to add more guests until everyone in your family is registered. Your fee for all the members that you are registering will be calculated so that you pay for everyone during a single check-out process.

Before accessing the Event Registration page, please be sure of these items:

  1. Are you a current Member of the Arkansas Canoe Club, and are your dues up to date? You must be a current ACC Member to register.
  2. Have you read and signed the ACA Waiver and Release of Liability?
  3. Have you read and signed the Health Form for Participants?
  4. Have you read Sections I and II of the AW Safety Code?
  5. Is your Boat an acceptable boat with adequate outfitting?
  6. Have you signed one copy of "Permission for Medical Treatment," if participant is a minor?
  7. Please have your credit card info for payment via PayPal.

Remember: enrollment is awarded and classes filled in the order that payment AND ACA Waivers, Health Forms and Release for Medical Treatment (if required) forms are received...not just when your online registration is submitted. 

Signed Waivers, Health Forms and Medical Release Forms (if minor) are to be scanned and emailed to:   


If you cannot scan and email, you can mail the forms to:

Diane Massey, Director
ACC School of River Paddling
9530 Brookhollow
Woodway, TX 76712

NOTE: Please do not send any waivers or other information to the director through the message board or Facebook. We would hate to see someone accidentally left out.

Before or after you register...if you have other questions or special needs, the first thing to do is look at the message board. The answer may already be there or try posting the question. Usually, responses are fairly quick. Please try the message board first, and then try the School Director Diane Massey at or private message to WPC through the ACC message board, or call/text 254-715-6173 (cell).

The Arkansas Canoe Club’s instructors and staff
look forward to welcoming each participant, and to providing another year of quality instruction.
And, to having a great time in the process!

School of River Paddling

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