Understanding of Risk

Careful reading and understanding the American Canoe Association Waiver and Release of Liability is required for everyone wishing to take part in Arkansas Canoe Club's School of Whitewater Paddling. Signing the waiver is your acknowledgment that you understand the terms of the waiver and that you fully accept responsibility for the serious risks and dangers inherent in whitewater paddling. Parents or legal guardians must co-sign with those under the age of eighteen.

ACA Adult Waiver
ACA Minor Waiver

Please type in your name and contact information at the bottom of the form, then print the form, add your signature, and mail it to the School Director!

Your registration to the school is not final until we receive your signed waiver!

Signed waivers must be sent to:

  Gordon Kumpuris
8 Rocky Crest Court
Little Rock, AR 72211

American Whitewater: Safety Code

We also encourage everyone to read the Safety Code from American Whitewater, paying special attention to Section 1: Personal Preparedness and Responsibility.

Minimum Age

The Arkansas Canoe Club requires all participants to be a minimum of 12 years old before attending this particular school. We require that all minors under the age of 18 have a Medical Release Form signed and sent to the School Director. This form must be mailed with the waiver.

Signed Medical Release Forms must be sent to:

  Gordon Kumpuris
8 Rocky Crest Court
Little Rock, AR 72211


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