Arkansas Canoe Club

24th Annual Arkansas Canoe Club Rendezvous                        

It's almost time for another one! Read on for good stuff to know and check back often for deets. You don't want to miss it! 

September 15th-17th, 2017

Lake Catherine State Park near Malvern, AR

Sanctioned by the American Canoe Association

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What is Rendezvous?

Rendezvous (n. pl.) rend-dez-vous (-vooz)

  1. A meeting at a prearranged time and place.
  2. A prearranged meeting place, especially an assembly point for troops or ships
  3. A popular gathering place

tr. & intr. v. rend-dez-voused, ren-dez-vous-ing

  1. To bring or come together at a rendezvous

Peeps, believe it or not it’s here again! Yep, it’s time for all the chapters of the Arkansas Canoe Club to come together for a common purpose on a weekend in September. That purpose? Rendezvous, of course! Once again we’ll have a lot of fun and expose people to what a wonderful organization the ACC truly is. All sorts of activities are on tap for this year. Check this page periodically to find out what they are, then plan to participate in as many or as few of them as you want. Or just spend a lazy day hanging around in a hammock or swimming in beautiful Lake Catherine. The Rendezvous is a little bit like a family reunion, only a whole lot more fun. So, don’t miss out! Grab your family, camping gear, Dutch Ovens and most important your boats and come on down to Lake Catherine State Park for a little bit of rendezvousing!!!

Here's what you need to know for a successful Rendezvous.

Stuff to eat

Gauge Grub: Micah Goodwin and his elite team of culinary wizards will whip up some tasty eats for dinner Friday night. For a modest fee you will be invited to partake. Cloth napkins and finger bowls cost extra. All proceeds will benefit the Pine Creek gauge project. Exactly what and how much will be posted as soon as possible. 

Cookout and DOG potluck: Don't worry kids. No dogs will be cooked (except for hot dogs). DOG is an abbreviation for Dutch Oven Gathering. We will gather Saturday night for dinner at which time our illustrious grill master Tim Eubanks will cook up a mess of burgers and dogs. Your job will be to come with the sides and desserts. Bonus points for Dutch Oven treats!

Flapjacks and Sausage: It started at Whitewater School, but it was too good be contained and eventually made its way to Rendezvous! Sunday morning Dennis Buccella and his breakfast brigade will be serving pancakes and sausage to hungry Rendezvousers for a modest fee. All proceeds benefit the gauge fund. 

Stuff to Do

Lake Catherine Morning Tour: Folks, it's a beautiful little lake and we'll be sleeping and playing right by and on it, so why not go check it out? Lisa Logan with Lake Ouachita Kayak Tours has graciously offered to help us do that very thing. She'll be there with touring kayaks and the requisite gear and will lead the tour. 9:00 a.m. departure Saturday morning. Personal boats are of course also welcome provided they can keep up.

Perambulators (I think that's an old timey term for bikes): The generous folks at Spa City Cycling will be on hand all day Saturday with demo bikes. In exchange for a smile and your signature on a waiver you can ride one all over the park. Cool, huh?

World Kayak Hometown Throwdown: We sure did miss 'em in 2016, but we're pleased to say the Hometown Throwdown team will be back at Rendezvous this year. I hear they have some spectacularly silly plans this year, so plan to be at the Rockport ledge Saturday afternoon to spectate and if you're so inclined even participate! Exact time TBD

Bag-O Tournament: This is new for Rendezvous and it'll be a hoot! $40 gets a team of two in the brackets for a shot at fabulous prizes. Heck, even if you don't win you're guaranteed beer and fun. That's well worth a couple of Jacksons, especially for a good cause. All proceeds will go to the gauge fund. Grown up folks and kiddos welcome! 

Canoe and SUP Jousting: Pretty much what it sounds like. Competitors will mount their trusty steeds, ahem, canoes or SUP boards, and pummel each other with lances (they're actually PVC sticks with big pieces of foam on the end, but lances sounds a lot joustier) until someone goes down. Repeat. These particular shenanigans will transpire Saturday night after the DOG.

Where to Sleep

The park is our oyster......sorta. There are two options for camping at Rendezvous. If you like lots of camaraderie and don't want to pay for camping the group camp area affectionately known as Picnic Hill is for you. There will be plenty of folks (yours truly included) shacked up there in tents, hammocks and other abodes. It'll be fun! However, if you prefer a little more privacy and/or amenities you may find an RV site more to your liking. There are ten of those bad boys reserved in the club's name and all have water and electricity, but despite the description you don't necessarily need an RV to claim one. What you DO need is $22 plus tax per night. If that sounds more up your alley call the park at 501-844-4176 and press option 2. Tell the nice person on the other end you're reserving for Rendezvous and they'll take it from there. Piece o' cake, but don't dawdle! When they're gone they're gone!

Other Stuff to Know

We want you to stay at Rendezvous all weekend, but if that's not in the cards there's plenty of fun to be had on Saturday. In the near future a schedule will be posted here and on the Facebook page. Adult beverages are welcome. Rude behavior is not. Well behaved four legged family members are welcome too. Please observe all park regulations which essentially amount to not being a jerk. 


*EVERYONE who comes to Rendezvous, including volunteers, MUST register before entering the park. This is for your benefit and ours. If this is a problem for you please reach out to me.* 

Okay, you are now an informed Rendezvouser. We are very excited about the new venue, the new events and the return of some old favorites. We've worked hard, so come out and enjoy it! See you at 'vous!



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