Swift Water Rescue Class

If you have already taken paddling instruction or are already an experienced whitewater paddler, then this is a great chance to learn safety while enjoying the fun and camaraderie at Turner Bend during Whitewater School. 

This will be a fast past course teaching getting yourself & others out of the water & to safety fast! From the new boater to the seasoned pro, swift water rescue training is not just something cool to do on a weekend. It is an absolute must have if you spend any time on the water. Our rescue courses are unique in that we have little lecture time & a lot of in the water time which makes for a very FUN, active SWR learning experience. This is not a learning to swim class. Even though this is a challenge by choice class, you will need to know how to swim. 

Our focus will be heavily on aggressive techniques that will solve big problems fast on the river. Self-Rescue, rope skills, swimming tactics, knots & ways to unpin boats or help entrapped paddlers when seconds count. 

Gear Required for SWR Course:

  • boat with float bags
  • Life jacket or Rescue PFD (which would be very handy)
  • helmet
  • paddle
  • whistle
  • Warm river clothes. We will be in the water for extended periods of time this will be very important. ABSOLUTELY NO COTTON. Wet suit or Dry suit will be necessary for this course because of the time of year. Fleece or wool under-layer is good to wear under your dry suit.
  • Appropriate footwear (river booties, water shoes that cover & protect your toes & ankles).
  • lunch & snacks
  • Plenty of water
  • Sunblock
  • Throw rope
  • Unpin kit would be highly recommendable. We will be showing & teaching about many different types, sizes of pulleys & carabineers, etc. An unpin kit which consists of 1 piece of webbing 15' to 20' foot long. Three pulleys (same diameter that will fit your throw rope).
  • Two prussik loops or two pieces
If interested, when registration opens for Whitewater School, look for the Swift Water Rescue Course registration option!

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