• Structure of the Whitewater School:

    Classes are divided into Whitewater Kayak, Solo Whitewater Canoe, Tandem Whitewater Canoe.    

    Classes start with a meeting on Friday evening, then strenuous river days on both Saturday and Sunday.

    If there is interest, we may offer a Women's Kayak Class (women only participants and led by women instructors). However, we still need to group participants of similar experience together to ensure the best learning environment. 

    Class Assignments:

    A very important factor in making this a good school is how closely people within each class are matched in experience, previous training, and certain other characteristics. 

    Please, accurately note skills when filling out the school application!

    Those registering for a tandem whitewater canoe class must have a partner who has also registered. We do not provide tandem partners.

    All classes spend time on the basics while transitioning from dry land, to flatwater, to moving water and to whitewater. Raising your awareness of the various hazards present in the river and practical options for those hazards is an objective in every class.

    The Instructors receive information from the participants’ applications and will normally contact all class members about two weeks after enrollment closes.