• Accommodations

    The ACC has reserved the entire Turner Bend Campground for the weekend.  All participants, volunteers and hangers on must register, have a signed waiver on file and be stamped with a cool event tattoo.  

    The facilities at Turner Bend include bathrooms for men and women. There is one shower in each bathroom with only one hot water heater, so plan accordingly. The Arkansas Canoe Club will have additional port-a-potties available for the weekend. Water is located by the store and in the camping area. Turner Bend may have some firewood. Camping space is limited and people just camp wherever they can find a spot. In order to alleviate overcrowding in the main campground, we ask you not to bring tents bigger than you need and share picnic tables and shelters with other campers.

    Campground Quiet Hours are from 11:00 PM til 6:30 AM.  Paddlers (and Instructors) need their rest to be able to enjoy the classes.  Please respect these quiet hours.

    Turner Bend has an area for overflow camping at their "Around the Bend" campground located 1/2 mile away. Individuals wanting a quieter spot or a little more “elbow room” are encouraged to camp there. Directions to the overflow camping area are available at the Turner Bend store.

    All camping fees at Turner Bend for Friday to Sunday are covered by the ACC. If you choose to arrive early or stay late, please pay Turner Bend their normal fees.

    Parking is limited and is a growing problem at Turner Bend. Please do not bring large RV, Camping/Pop-up Trailers, or other trailers for camping purposes.

    Dogs - Each year we get complaints about dogs at Whitewater School.  While not banned, we ask that you seriously consider leaving Fido at home.  If you must bring your dog, he or she must remain leashed, or otherwise contained.  Also, no one wants to camp in and around dog poo, so "walk" your dog away from camp if at all possible and pick up after your pooch.  Those who ignore these rules will be asked to leave camp.  Also, campers with dogs that bark excessively, or are aggressive will need to find other accommodations.  

    Participants will undoubtedly be walking back and forth across highway 23 (Pig Trail Scenic Byway) multiple times over the course of the weekend.  

    Please be aware of traffic!!  Parents, please accompany small children when crossing the road.


    Two National Forest Campgrounds, Redding and Wolf Pen are nearby as is the privately owned Byrd's Adventure Center.

    There are hotels available in Ozark and other lodging is nearby, including Mulberry Mountain Lodging and Camping for those who do not wish to stay at Turner Bend.