Arkansas Canoe Club

Goals of the School of River Paddling

The goals and objectives of the School are to provide participants an opportunity to:

  1. Feel safer and have more fun on moving water

  2. Recognize typical river hazards and options for dealing with them

  3. Improve fundamental paddling skills of:

    • Balance

    • Boat edging

    • Basic body mechanics

    • Paddling strokes for power and turning

    • Coordination and fluidity

    • Timing

  4. Refine strokes and develop efficient maneuvers on flatwater

  5. Use ferries and eddy turns when moving downstream to improve river reading

Arkansas Canoe Club school instructors use American Canoe Association course outlines to help you improve existing skills, practice new skills, and expand your knowledge of the river. Small classes of compatible participants allow instructors to teach to your needs.

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