Arkansas Canoe Club

Class Assignments

A very important factor in making this a good school is how closely people within each class are matched in experience, previous training and certain other characteristics. Please accurately reflect your abilities when filling out the school application! We use the information you provide to form compatible groups for each class, then each instructor adapts to best fit the needs of those grouped into the class. Requests to be assigned to the same class as another participant will be granted only if the participants are well matched in skills and experience. Special requests for class assignment with a particular person are discouraged because those special assignments often do not fit well with the rest of the class.

You must have a partner to enter a tandem canoe class. The Arkansas Canoe Club does not provide tandem partners. A solo canoe class is an excellent way to start, even if you wish to paddle tandem canoe after learning some basics.

Arkansas Canoe Club school instructors use American Canoe Association course outlines to help you discover what skills and knowledge you have and don't have. Small classes of compatible participants allow Instructors to teach to your needs. Classes are not arranged by "levels" but are custom fit to participants as much as possible.

Progression of paddle skills and river maneuvers is very closely tied to basic principles of body, paddle and boat. All classes spend time on these basics while alternating between dry land, flat water and moving water. Raising your awareness of the various hazards present in the river and practical options for dealing with those hazards is an objective in every class.

The instructors receive the information from the participants’ applications and usually contact all class members about two weeks before the school starts. Everyone must check in on arrival at Gypsy Camp and Canoe and be approved on the school roster before joining a class.

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