Arkansas Canoe Club

Instructor Course/Certification Fee Reimbursement Policy

American Canoe Association Instructors:

To receive reimbursements, ACC members must agree to teach at least 2 times during the 4 years of their certification at an official ACC paddling school and maintain other instructor requirements - ACA and SEIC dues, CPR and First Aid certification appropriate for teaching venue.

ACA Instructor Development Workshop/Instructor Certification Exam:

          L4/L3 - Half of the course cost * - $250

          L2      - Half of the course cost * - $150

Instructor Updates ** -  Up to $100 every four years

Wilderness First Aid - Up to $80 every two years

ACA and SEIC dues - In lieu of direct reimbursement of required dues the ACC will provide a $25 gas card for each school a certified instructor teaches (up to $50 per year - SWWP/SRP)

Swift Water Rescue - $50 every four years (SWR is not required for ACA certified instructors, but is highly valued by the ACC)

For all ACC Members:

     CPR - Up to $40 for any CPR class every two years

* Some local chapters of the ACC also provide instructor certification reimbursements.  Please check with your local chapter president for more information.

** Most updates are offered by assisting with an IDW or ICE for minimal cost.

In-state training providers may bill the ACC directly for the reimbursed portion of ACC member course fees.  For reimbursements for out of state training providers of instructor certificate courses described above ACC member instructors should email a copy of their receipt and certification to the ACC Education Chair and Treasurer.

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