Arkansas Canoe Club

Instructor Course/Certification Fee Reimbursement Policy

Updated February 6, 2023

American Canoe Association Instructors:

To receive reimbursements, ACC members must sign an agreement to lead teach at least 2 times during the 4 years of their certification at an official ACC paddling school and maintain other instructor requirements - ACA and SEIC dues, CPR and First Aid certification appropriate for teaching venue.

ACA Instructor Development Workshop/Instructor Certification Exam: *

          L4/L3  - $400

          L2       - $250

Instructor Updates *  -  Up to $150 every four years

Wilderness First Aid course * - Up to $100 every two years

Swiftwater Rescue course * - $100 every two years (SWR is not required for ACA certified instructors, but is highly valued by the ACC)

ACA and SEIC dues - In lieu of direct reimbursement of required dues the ACC will provide a $40 gas card for each school a certified instructor teaches (up to $80 per year - SWWP/SRP)

Reimbursement for Wilderness First Aid and Swiftwater Rescue is dependent on being active ACC Instructor.

For all ACC Members:

     CPR - Up to $40 for any CPR class every two years

 *We will not reimburse in excess of the course fee

  --- Some local chapters of the ACC also provide instructor certification reimbursements.  Please check with your local chapter president for more information.---

For reimbursements email a copy of the receipt and certification document to the ACC Education Chair and Treasurer.  In-state training providers may bill the ACC directly for the reimbursed portion of ACC member course fees.  Contact the Education Chair with any questions.

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