• Central Arkansas Chapter

    Cate Davis - President
    Steve Shepherd - Treasurer

    Chapter Meetings

    The Central Arkansas Chapter of the Arkansas Canoe Club meets the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December)  For decades we met at the Oyster Bar restaurant in Little Rock but a remodel in early 2020 nececitated a change of venue.  We are currently seeking a permanant home.  We should update this info page when a location is secured. Check our our Central Chapter Facebook Page for updates as well. Our meetings begin at 7:30 P.M. 

    The official stuff begins at 7:30. We are usually done between 8:30 and 8:45. The food is good, the beer and soda pop are cold, and the programs are as informative as possible. You won't find a better group of people anywhere. Come and bring a friend. You won't regret it!!

    Central Chapter boat fleet

    Thanks to a generous donation by paddler Trey Moore of North Little Rock, the Central Chapter now owns a Jackson Dynamic Duo, Tandem Whitewater Kayak.  Any dues paying Central Chapter member can use it anytime. Contact Gordon Kumpuris or Cate Handley to reserve it.

    Central Chapter By-Law Changes

    A much needed update to the Central Chapter By-Laws is in the works.  The last time they were changed was 20 years ago and many things have changed since then.  A draft of the new proposed By-Laws will be available at the April and May Central Chapter general meetings, at Canoe School/ACC general membership meeting, and online here: Central Chapter By-Laws.  Due to a exceptionally low turn out at the June meeting the adoption of the By-Laws has been postponed until August.  The Draft copy will remain available for any input from members until that time.

    ACC Central Chapter Adopt-A-Highway (Hwy 65 @ Cadron Creek)

    The Central Chapter has officially "adopted" the 1 mile stretch of Hwy 65 that crosses over Cadron Creek. Mike Coogan is our Hwy Dept liaison: look for his posts on the message board for our clean up days. We provide the bright orange safety vests and trash bags; you provide your own gloves. We'll generally tackle the trash and then spend the afternoon paddling the Cadron. Join us and help keep the road (and creek) trash-free!

    UALR Pool Sessions

    Arkansas Canoe Club members can use the UALR pool at scheduled times for stroke and roll practice. These are open pool times - not formal instruction - but volunteers are often available to teach others how to roll or to demonstrate other techniques. If you are specifically hoping for instruction, it is best to post ahead of time on the ACC Message Board to arrange for someone to meet you.

    During the school year, times are from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm sharp on Wednesday and 2:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturday. Note the pool staff will turn off the lights at the end of the scheduled time: don't be caught in the dark!  The pool entrance is located on the east side of the Donaghey Student Center; UALR campus map is below. (During winter and summer break, Wednesday night times move to 5:00pm to 7:00pm: if you are unsure, check the message board to double check if we are on regular vs. break times).

    There are a few rules that all paddlers need to follow when using the UALR pool.  First ensure that your boat is clean by rinsing it outside the entrance with the water hose provided by UALR. We do not want to be blamed for clogging up the filters with sand and powerbar wrappers. Note that we are responsible for rolling the hose out at the start of each session and then making sure it is re-coiled and turned off again at the end of every session. While in the water always give swimmers and divers the right of way. The pool time is not limited to paddlers: it is also open to lane and general swimming. 

    Ensure that you are courteous to the pool staff, as they can easily limit pool access to the paddling community. Lastly do not enter the water before the scheduled pool time. You are welcome to arrive early at the pool however do not get in the water early.

    Pool session times are not set in stone, and they will sometimes be canceled due to swim meets or other pool activities, so check the ACC Message Board for any last minute updates.

    Below is a UALR campus map with parking areas and the pool entrance highlighted.