• Buffalo River Chapter

    Our chapter covers the geographic region of Buffalo River watershed and all surrounding counties. Our area of the state features some excellent paddling opportunities for on the nation’s First National River, whitewater, gentle moving streams, and lake recreation.

    All year around, our members are on the water doing different things such as - pool sessions, day tripping in canoes and kayaks, canoe camping, fishing, teaching canoe, kayak and river safety and rescue, river cleanup, or just enjoying being on the water with friends.

    In the spring and winter seasons, the Ozark Mountains provide some of the most reliable and exciting whitewater in the Midwest, with something for every paddler.

    And that's what our club is all about - getting together with great people of all skill levels and interests who love to paddle the streams and lakes of the Ozarks! There are currently about 50 members in our area affiliated with the Buffalo River Chapter, and our monthly meetings and regularly scheduled events, such as pool practice sessionsl, provide an opportunity to get to know and hang out with local paddlers.


    The Buffalo River Chapter meets the last week of every month (except December) meetings normally start at 6:30, but come a little early to order dinner and socialize!

    (Check Facebook or check with one of the contacts below for meeting dates and location)

    The purpose of these meetings is to get together, socialize, eat good food, tell stories, give trip reports, find someone to paddle with, and just generally have fun. It's also a chance for everyone to stay up to date on all club goings on. If the meeting day falls on a holiday or a major ACC event (such as Rendezvous or Canoe School), we may reschedule, so check our Facebook or ask one of the contacts below if you want to be sure we're meeting.


    If you have ideas for a program we can do at a future monthly meeting, please contact us and we'll put it on the agenda. Videos, slideshows, guest speakers, mini-clinics, trip reports, trip plans, etc. - we'd love to have your ideas and we'd be happy to let you run the show if you want to.


    BRC Chapter President
    Aaron Jones

    BRC Chapter President
    Mark Milburn

    BRC Chapter Treasurer
    Linda Eddings