Arkansas Canoe Club

The School of River Paddling

June 7-9, 2019

Registration is Open

Basic Information

The Arkansas Canoe Club’s School of River Paddling is designed to introduce basic paddling techniques on Class I+ rivers. Contained in these pages is information that should be read by each person registering for the school.
When:   June 7-9, 2019
Where:  The Spring River at Riverside Resort.

Riverside Resort (870-625-7501) is a privately owned campground located 11 miles north of Hardy just off of Highway 63.

Cost:  You must be a current member of the Arkansas Canoe Club before you can register for the School of River Paddling. ACC Household Membership (covers all your immediate family living in your household) costs $25 per year. If you have multiple members of your immediate family applying for the school, only one ACC membership is required. We also offer a Junior/Student Membership (students or young people 25 years old and under) for $10 per year. If you are not already a member of the ACC, please visit the Membership section of our Web site.

The event fee for the School of River Paddling is $80.

Registration: The following is required to register for the School of River Paddling:

  1. Completed Event Registration and Payment (completed online at this Web site)
  2. Receipt of a SIGNED American Canoe Association Waiver and Release of Liability.  (We will email a link to this form to you as we get closer to the event)
  3. Receipt of a Participant Health Form.  (we will email this to you as well)
  4. Receipt of a Medical Release Form (if participant is under age 18).  (We will email this as well.)  


Please read through the following pages
in preparation for your registration!

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