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Stream Access

A while back a list of streams was created by a poll on the ACC message board.  This is a list of streams which many members agreed should be top priorities for the ACC to ensure future access.   An Access Committee was created at the 2009 winter board meeting to address this issue.

The ACC is building good working relationships with state and federal agencies.  It should be possible to work together to acquire permanent accesses to the places most important to us such as AG&F created for us on Cadron Creek at the Highway 65 bridge a number of years ago. Updates will be added here.

Priority List of Streams:

Big Piney Creek:

  • Currently looking at possible option to replace Helton’s Farm access if necessary
  • Hurricane Creek
  • Ft. Douglas
  • Hwy 123
  • Treat\Helton’s Farm
  • Twin Bridges

Buffalo River:

  • Boxley
  • Ponca
  • Hailstone

Caddo River:

  • Norman
  • Caddo Gap
  • Glenwood

Cadron Creek

  • See info here about new access thanks to a private landowner. A Central Chapter committee is continuing to work toward a permanent public access.

Cossatot River
Crooked Creek
Eleven Point River
Falling Water Creek
South Fourche La Fave

Illinois Bayou:

  • North Fork
  • Middle Fork: NoGo
  • Snow Creek

Kings River

Little Missouri River:

  • Take-out

Little Red River

  • Archey Fork of Little Red
  • South Fork Put-in
  • South Fork Culverts
  • South Fork Swinging Bridge Takeout

Mulberry River

  • Above Hwy 23
  • Below Hwy 23

Ouachita River

  • Above Lake Ouachita
  • Dragover takeout

Saline River
North Fork
Middle Fork
Spring River
Strawberry River
White River 

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