Arkansas Canoe Club

Cadron Creek Access

 As of January 2018, there is no Public Access to Cadron Creek in the miles immediately upstream of Hwy 65. Cadron Creek Outfitters provides a private access for a small fee when they are open, but the hours of operation have been variable over the years, so calling in advance is recommended. This access allows you to drive right to the water’s edge.

Another option is to put in at the Pinnacle Springs (Hwy 310) bridge. This access requires carrying your boat several hundred feet down a very steep hill. The current owners are Canoe Club members, and have indicated that they do not mind people putting in there, under two conditions: 1) Users must assume all risks – the owners can’t provide security for your parked vehicle, and the path is not maintained, so YOU MUST ASSUME ALL RISKS as a condition of using the property. If you’re not willing to do that, find another access! 2) They expect you to do more than just not litter! If you want to use this access, please be good guests and also pick up a few pieces of litter left by others. You don’t have to carry out everything you see, just get a few pieces, and leave it better than you found it.

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