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Membership News: New Member Levels

02 Jan 2011 10:19 PM | Anonymous

I’m happy to announce that we have added a few new Membership Levels. We now offer 2-year and 3-year memberships, both of which will offer discounts off of the $25 per year membership fee for those who choose to receive the newsletter electronically. When your membership is next up for renewal, you can choose one of these multi-year options. With the electronic newsletter discount, 2 year memberships will cost $45, and 3 year memberships will cost $65. If you choose to receive the newsletter via hardcopy in the mail, there won’t be a discount, but you will enjoy the benefit of not having to worry about renewing your membership as often!

I am also excited to announce the addition of a Junior Membership for Students (those age 25 or younger are eligible). Unlike our traditional “Household” membership which covers everyone in the household, the Student membership will be only for a single individual, and will include electronic newsletter delivery for just $10 per year. We hope that this new option will encourage more young people to join the club: if you know some young people that you think would be interested in joining, please let them know about this new option!

How do I switch to a 2 or 3 year membership?

When your current membership is set to expire, login at the ACC Home page (not to be confused with logging in at the ACC Message Board which uses a different login). Remember that your ACC Member login is your email address and your password. If you have never logged in as a member, then you can set your password for the first time by using the “forgot password” link.

After you login, go to Member Profile. You will see 2 buttons in your Member Details area: one to CHANGE your membership level, and one to RENEW your membership for one year. If it is time for you to renew but you want to pay for 2 or 3 years instead of just 1, then you will need to select CHANGE your membership level and select which multi-year option you would like. If you select RENEW, then it will only give you the option to renew at your current (1 year) level.

If you currently have a multiple login/multiple profile membership for multiple household members, make sure you choose the multi-year option that also allows for multiple logins/multiple profiles.

Please be aware that if you CHANGE your membership level when your membership is not due, then you will be charged for a new membership term and your renewal date will change to the date of your membership change. To avoid paying for a new membership before your current membership expires, only CHANGE membership levels at the time you are scheduled to renew.

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