Arkansas Canoe Club

River Safety and Rescue Class

This course emphasizes rescue knowledge and skills for Class II river paddling and is aimed at all paddlers.  The format is 2 days of both land-based/classroom topics and in-water river drills.

Participants should be prepared to dress for river activities—helmet, PFD, wetsuit (protects against bruising, bumps, and scrapes –full length recommended), wetsuit booties or river shoes, appropriate thermal protection commensurate with weather and temperature, and throw bag (extras available if needed).  Bring your lunch, water, snacks, personal items, etc.  Please be prepared for conditions cooler than expected. 

Prerequisites:  general good health, comfortable in water, ability to swim when wearing a PFD in Class II water, and a desire to learn new skills.   The minimum age for SWR is 14.  

River site:  Class II whitewater

Recommended references:

            Whitewater Rescue Manual by Walbridge & Sundmacher, 1995

            River Rescue by Les Bechdel & Slim Ray, 1995

            Whitewater Self-Defense video by Performance Video, 1998

Goals of the Workshop:

            Promote the concept of prevention for safe river trips

            Training and practice in avoiding potentially dangerous situations

            Practice defensive and aggressive swimming techniques useful for effecting self-rescue

            Learn to render on-shore assistance to other paddlers with a throw bag and coiled rope

            Practice recovering people and equipment from moving water

            Learn Anchors and Mechanical Haul Systems

            HAVE FUN learning in a river environment



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