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Dustbowl Chapter 6th Annual Dutch Oven Gathering

  • 06 Nov 2010
  • 07 Nov 2010
  • Bluff Landing (east of Broken Arrow near the east end of 71st Street)

DOG 6, 2010

6th Annual Dutch Oven Gathering

When:  November 6 and 7 (Saturday and Sunday), 2010

Where:  Bluff Landing (east of Broken Arrow near the east end of 71st Street).  We have the large shelter reserved for Saturday and Sunday so spend the weekend with us.

Directions:  Go east out of Broken Arrow on 71st Street (Kenosha).  East of town this is called E0660 Road.  Turn north on N4180 Road (there is a sign here for Bluff Landing).  I believe the street you turn north on is also called E. 369th St. South.  For the GPS savy, the shelter coordinates are: N 36° 04.121 and W 095° 33.567 or latitude 36.0689886, longitude -95.5596989.

Time:  Some of us will be there bright and early Saturday morning and others will be arriving whenever they get there.  Arrive when you wish.  We will plan on eating between 3:00 and 3:30 pm on Sat., so if you are preparing a dish on site allow yourself plenty of time for preparation and cooking, whatever that may be.  Then enjoy our campfire in the evening, camp with us Sat. night and join us for a pancake breakfast Sunday morning.

Facilities:  Bathrooms and showers will be open all weekend.  The shelter has electricity and lights for evening activities and is reserved for Sat. and Sun.  This campground is on the banks of the Newt Graham pool above Lock and Dam 18 on the Verdigris River (boat ramp present, $3.00 launch fee).  There is plenty of room for pitching horseshoes, tossing washers or whatever games you bring.

Activities:  Early November is a perfect time to be outdoors and this will be a great place to enjoy it.  The weather has cooled off, the leaves are turning, wildlife is stirring and campfires feel good again.  Bring a boat if you want to paddle and fishing gear if you wish.  If you have some fun outdoor games, bring them along.  I’ll bring horsehoes and stakes.  Bring lawn chairs and watch others play or sit around the fire Sat. night and visit.  Bring camping gear and spend the night with us and then enjoy a pancake breakfast with us Sunday morning.  For lunch Sunday we can finish off the leftovers if there are any and then leisurely break camp, play, paddle, fish and then head home whenever you are ready.

Camping:  21 Trailer sites with water and electricity (30 amp), no reservations are taken, but the ranger said Bluff Landing has very little use that time of the year, so no problem.  $18 per night for these sites, Golden Age cards get you in for $9.00 per night.  Tent sites are $14 per night.  There is lots of open space around the shelter.  

Cost:  No cost.  Just bring something to cook on Sat. or something prepared at home to share with the group.  The Dust Bowl Chapter of the Arkansas Canoe Club and the Tulsa Canoe and Camping Club jointly host and fund this event.  Volunteers provide all of the labor and the clubs finance the event.  Your donations will help preserve their budgets if you wish to donate to the DOG Fund to help defray some of the costs.

What is Provided:  Plates, cups, eating utensils, community shelter, all of the breakfast food, some tea, hot chocolate, coffee and charcoal.  There is electricity, lights, water and a few picnic tables under the shelter (we could use some extra tables if you can bring one).


What Should You Bring:  Whatever you need to fix your dish if you will be cooking on site (don’t forget a serving spoon and firepan if you need one), camping gear if you are spending the night, any games you would like to bring, camp chairs and beverages other than what is supplied.

We appreciate your attendance and enjoy your company, so join us once again for what has turned into one of the best attended events of the year.  This is an event the whole family can attend, so load up the kids, dust off that old cast iron and let’s fix another big camp meal and then eat until we can’t eat anymore.  We only have to drag our camp chairs a short distance to the campfire where we can rest, swap stories, tell tall tales and reminisce, while drinking hot chocolate, coffee or a beverage of you choice.  If you would like to bring some cookies, brownies, or a “goody” of some sort we can mix them up on serving trays and pass them around the campfire for a late evening snack.  This is a good opportunity to try other people’s favorite desserts.

NOTE:  This event is all about camp cooking and good company.  If camp cooking is new to you and you would like to learn how it is done or just want to watch how some of the best camp cooks around can “rustle up some grub” come on out.  We will help you prepare your first dutch oven (DO) dish.  If you have a new DO and would like recipe suggestions, we have some good ones we will share and we will even help you put it together and show you how to control the cooking temperature by placing the proper number of coals in the right places.  We have enough good cooks we can pair you up with someone that knows the ropes and walk you through the process.  Then with a year of practice under your belt, come on back next year and share what you have learned with us.  It is easier than you think.


Saturday, November 6

I’ll put on a pot of black bean chilly and make some cornbread for lunch (Sat.).  We don’t want the cooks to work hungry.  If anybody else wants to add something we will eat it.  We will be setting the food out on the tables between 3:00 and 3:30 and the serving line will start moving.  Arrive whenever you like, but allow yourself plenty of time to visit, prepare and cook your dish if you are cooking on site.  If you are bringing something from home, come out and watch how these dishes are prepared and cooked and keep us company.  After dinner we will wash the pots and pans and settle in around the fire.

Sunday, November 7

Breakfast will start when the cooks wake up and start moving with both eyes open, probably after the second cup of coffee.  Lunch will be around noon and we will eat whatever we have left over from Saturday.  After lunch, break camp whenever you are ready and wander home when you feel like it.  Games, fun and frivolity will be mixed in throughout the weekend.

Be thinking about what you would like to fix or bring (main dish, side dish, bread, dessert, beef, chicken, fish, etc.) and let me know if you would.  Otherwise, we look forward to your surprise dish.  Other than food, you might throw in an armful of wood if you have extra.  If we have enough, we will keep the campfire going for two days.

Think flannel shirts, blue jeans, light jackets, camping, campfire smoke, changing leaves, migrating ducks, good company, outdoor cooking.  Bring camping gear if you can spend the night, whatever you need to prepare a camp dish, a chair and join us for an enjoyable weekend.

If you have any questions or would like help planning a dutch oven dish, feel free to give me a call at (919) 274-1272 in the evenings or email me at  If you know what you are going to bring (salad, vegetable dish, soup, stew, chilli, meat dish, bread, dessert, etc.) and could let me know who and how many are coming, that will help in planning so we will have the necessary supplies on hand and don’t over or under purchase by too much.  If you won’t know until the night before, that is ok, come anyway.  Hope to see you at the 2010 DOG.  Sincerely, Vernon Seaman.

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